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Skiathos International Airport - All Information on Skiathos International Airport (JSI)

Skiathos International Airport (JSI) Skiathos International Airport (JSI)

Skiathos International Airport

Skiathos International Airport, Skiathos 370 02, Greece
+30 24270 29105
+30 24270 29105 (Lost + Found)
Skiathos International Airport - All Information on Skiathos International Airport (JSI)

Skiathos International Airport (IATA: JSI, ICAO: LGSK) is on the island of Skiathos, Greece. It is about 3 kilometers from downtown Skiathos and sits on reclaimed land from the sea between Skiathos island and the smaller island of Lazarata.

The airport is also called Skiathos Alexandros Papadiamantis Airport, after Alexandros Papadiamantis, a famous Greek novelist and native of Skiathos Island.

The airport's short runway and its proximity to an adjacent public road have made it a popular destination for plane spotters, another tourist attraction on the island.

Skiathos International Airport is a relatively small air terminal with basic facilities.

Some of the amenities one would expect from a bigger airport may not be available at JSI.

But its 1,628-meter runway can accommodate big aircraft such as Boeing 767-200.

The airport is 16 meters above sea level at 39°10′39″N and 023°30′13.23″E.

Arrivals, Departures and Airlines at Skiathos International Airport

History of Skiathos International Airport

Established in 1972, the airport saw slow growth until a passenger terminal and a new control tower were constructed in 1988.

Thirteen years later, the terminal was closed down by a minor earthquake, and a new passenger terminal opened in 2002.

From 2014, there was an extension to the runway, and a new taxiway was introduced. The runway was also extended on the north side of the airport. An extension was also added to the taxiway.

In December 2015, the privatization of Skiathos Island National Airport together with 13 other regional airports of Greece was finalized with the Fraport AG/Copelouzos Group joint venture and the state privatization fund.

This agreement aims to improve the profitability and operations of 14 small Greek airports for the next 40 years.

From 2019, as part of the Fraport construction works the airport has 2 current terminals.

Terminal 1 was reconstructed and is currently the Domestic Terminal, and Terminal 2 is for international arrivals.

Part of the 2017 Fraport-Greece modernization program of Skiathos International Airport, include:

  • Reorganization and reworking of the terminal complex;
  • Improving lighting, marking of airside areas;
  • Replacing sanitary facilities with newer systems;
  • Enhancing services and offering free Internet connection (Wi-Fi); and
  • Implementing works to improve fire safety in all the areas of the airports.

There are several initiatives to improve the facilities at JSI Fraport such as the Greece Investment Plan of 2021.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit Greece and paralyzed the airline industries around the world, some of its projects may have been postponed, including:

  • Expansion and reorganization of the terminal building;
  • Additional check-in desk;
  • Additional departure gates; and
  • Addition of a brand-new security lane.

Today, several airlines serve the island, including Air Serbia, Avanti Air, Austrian Airlines, Blue Air, British Airways, Condor, Cyprus Airways, Edelweiss Air, Eurowings, Finnair, Neos, Olympic Air, Scandinavian Airlines, Ryanair, Sky Express, TUI Airways, Tus Airways, and Volotea among others.

In 2019, the passenger traffic at the facility was more than 500,000, the highest in the airport’s operation history.

In 2020, the airport handled approximately 90,000 passengers only due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Transfer Services at Skiathos International Airport

Skiathos Airport provides several ground transportation options for its customers. Services to/from Skiathos International Airport (JSI), including rental cars, taxis, and shuttles are in front of the terminal building.

The Ferry Terminal and Bus Terminal are in downtown Skiathos, the island’s capital. The quickest way to get from the airport to downtown is to taxi for €10.00 in approximately 5 minutes.

Planning your transfer options before hitting the road will give you peace of mind while in Greece.

Before leaving your home, consider the remoteness of the location. Know what items are allowed in your carry-on bag, what you can pack in your checked baggage, and what items are prohibited.

For the convenience and direction of the riding public, passengers may approach the Airport Information Desk for transport assistance anytime.

Finally, travelers should only transact at the airport counters and other legitimate establishments for their safety.

Rental Car Services at Skiathos International Airport

The car rental desks can be found in the JSI Arrivals Hall. To reach your car rental desk, first, make your way into the Arrivals Hall and collect your luggage from the designated Baggage Claim. See and compare all rental car companies at Skiathos Airport.

If you can’t find the "Car Rental" sign in the hall, please approach the information desk for further instructions.

All car rental pick-ups and drop-offs for rental car companies serving Skiathos International Airport occur outside the airport facilities.

Ride Shares at Skiathos International Airport

As of February 2022, rideshare services appear to be unavailable in this facility. Please refer to other transportation options, including shuttles and car rentals.

Taxis at Skiathos International Airport

Upon exit from the Baggage Claim area, proceed to the taxi waiting area outside the terminal building.

The taxi fare from Skiathos Airport to downtown is approximately €10.00, in 5-10 minutes.

If you need to travel outside the city area, please consult your driver for rates. It is customary to give the driver a tip (at least 10% of the fare) for good service. See more information about taxis to and from Skiathos Airport.

Keep a record of the cab company, vehicle number, and driver's name when traveling to and from the airport, just in case you leave something behind.

Ferries at Skiathos International Airport

The Skiathos Ferry Station is in downtown Skiathos Island. You can get there by taxi in less than 5 minutes for €10.00. See more information about ferry services to and from Skiathos.

Buses at Skiathos International Airport

Public buses are not available from the airport. Instead, passengers may take a bus to the Bus Terminal in downtown Skiathos. You can get there by taxi in less than 5 minutes for €10.00. See more about bus services in downtown Skiathos.

Alternatively, given the accessibility of the island, you can rent a car directly from the airport to your final destination in the area.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Skiathos International Airport

Many hotels in Skiathos have shuttle services though some might require prior reservations. Please confirm if this service is available at your accommodation.

Shuttle services pick up and drop passengers in front of Skiathos International Airport. Fares may vary for this service. Please call the hotel front desk for further information.

Additionally, it is customary to give the driver a tip (€5.00 – €10.00 depending on the length of the ride, plus €1.00 per bag if the driver helps you with your luggage).

Parking at Skiathos International Airport

The airport provides public parking spaces opposite the terminal. Parking at the facility is free of charge. More details about long and short term parking at Skiathos Airport.

Other Services at Skiathos International Airport

Wi-Fi at Skiathos International Airport

Now all travelers and visitors at the airport have internet access for free. To connect, select the network named “Fraport-Free” on your device and then launch your browser.

ATMs at Skiathos International Airport

ATM cash machines are located in the airport.

Currency Exchange at Skiathos International Airport

Currency Exchange counters appear to be unavailable at the airport.

Restrooms at Skiathos International Airport

Restrooms are throughout the airport.

Food and Beverages at Skiathos International Airport

There are food and beverages shops in designated areas in the airport terminal.

Shopping at Skiathos International Airport

You can do some last-minute shopping inside the facility.

Smoking at Skiathos International Airport

Smoke in designated areas outside the terminals only. Please follow smoking regulations at the facility.

Lost and Found Section at Skiathos International Airport

For items lost on the aircraft or at the gate area, please contact the respective airlines lost and found.

If you lost an item in any other area at the airport, including the security checkpoints and shuttle buses, please contact the Lost and Found Office at +30 24270-29105.

If you need further assistance, please approach the Information Desk at the airport.

When leaving your details for lost items(s), please include your full name, contact details, phone, email, and a description of the item(s).

The airport will keep all lost and found items for a considerable time of at least 30 days. After said period, the property will be deemed abandoned. Please talk to the airport representative at the counter.

Ticketing at Skiathos International Airport

Please look for the ticketing counters in the main lobby. Alternatively, please consult your air carrier or travel agent for more details.

Information Desk at Skiathos International Airport

Please look for the Information Desk at the main lobby of this airport.

Baggage Claim at Skiathos International Airport

This is a small airport. Please retrieve luggage at the Baggage Claim area.

In the case of missing items, contact your respective airline or their airline ticket counter. Passengers can also inquire from the Information Desk for further assistance.

For Lost and Found items, please call the Management at +30 24270-29105.

When leaving a message, include your name, email, contact phone number, and a brief description of the lost item(s).

Disabled Passengers at Skiathos International Airport

The airport is accessible to passengers with special needs, and wheelchairs are allowed to the gates and aircraft doors.

Additionally, passengers may notify the airline, travel agent, ticketing agent, flight attendant, or gate agent when carts, wheelchairs, or medical transportation is needed.

Things to do in Skiathos

There are a number of activities to suit all ages and interests in the region - see a selection of tourist activities in Skiathos, Greece.

Skiathos International Airport Contacts

Address: Skiathos 370 02, Greece
General Phone: +30 24270-29105
General Email:
Lost and Found Email:
Lost and Found Phone: +30 24270-29105
Official Website:

Local Information

Drive on: Right
Electricity: 230V/50Hz.
Plug: C, F
Currency: Euro, €
Wi-Fi at Airport: All travelers and visitors at the airport have internet access for free. Please select the network named “Fraport-Free” on your device.

Services at Skiathos International Airport

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